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urameshi yusuke/puu - when yusuke gets up anyway from his coma. kuwabara had the luxury of drawing all over yusuke's face so there's magic marker ink all over it and JERK written across it. there's actually a nice box not so well wrapped next to him containing maybe a scarf and a jacket for his buddy for christmas. they are green and yellow mixtures. fits well with yusuke. white board and markers because he remembers puu knows how to write and stuff and he likes the little guy soo~

kurama - kurama will find a bag tied with a red ribbon and inside are a various number of random plant seeds he's collected for his fox friend. they're either for planting or if kurama wants to use them as weapons who knows. there's a few poppy seeds, and some random weeds as well as various of other plant seeds and flowers seeds as well. he knows kurama can use those pretty well for something.

botan - pretty pink scarf for botan. he tried to find the best one he could for a girl and since he fails at picking girl stuff it might be a little not to up to date but it has a cute kitty at the end of the scarf. he also included some hair stuff he looked around and found like various clips and stuff. he's not good at picking girl things for his grim reaper friend but at least she might like it.

amada ken - ken gets a jacket and wintery stuff like a scarf and a beanie. if he chooses to use it. there's also a little note taped to it them saying good luck and keep fighting to become a strong man. he also mentioned that they should spar again since ken was really good at it the last time they sparred and he was intrigued.~

sissel - he left a bowl of milk out for him and a cute little cat collar and maybe a small blanket if sissel ever came by again. he can sleep in it and stuff. kuwabara really would like to see him again since he enjoyed sissel's company when he was a little kid.

if there is anyone else that would be close enough to kuwabara that I missed which i fail at remembering his CRs please tell me and I will work on something creative for them.
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[ There's a cute five year old playing with the SFC. He continues to tap it repeatedly before frowning before he drops the SFC. Instead he reaches for the small cat hugging close to him. Yes even five year old Kuwabara loves his cat.Eikichi might be squirming a bit but he look nothing like the Kuwabara he is in the present though. ]

'Gonna kick someone's butt! Tell me where I am right now and where's Onee-san?!!! Onee-san's gonna hit me again. Ain't no one ever told ya it's low ta kidnap kids?!


[ Yes he's just as loud as he was at 17. Enjoy... ]

[ ooc: lacking icons for this so bear with me ;-; Think of an adorable five year old with an attitude covered in scratches and beady black eyes XD!! ]
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[ Feed turns on and Kuwabara's running kind of. He's trying to dodge those creature that were stalking after him. Some of them seemed to be missing a few limbs because Kuwabara sliced it up but other than that he's running to get more ground level with these things. There were way too many for him to fight alone. ]

What the hell's up with this? It's like Maze Castle all over again!!!

[ The feed gets swiped out of his hand and lands on the floor with a loud clank. Crap. Kuwabara backed up into fighting stance. ] Stop following me!

Reiken!! [ and have some fish guts on the screen now. He just slashed one on half and going for another round with a few more. Good practice, but annoying timing. He was really not in the mood for this! He slashes another and dives for the communication device only to have it moved further. Fuck his life really.

He whips his head around to slash another one and the feed will cut when you see a flying fish head! ]

[ ooc: baww anyone wanna help out Kuwabara? XD; He's in a tight spot right now fff but yeah open for any form of tagging and plots ffff~ ]
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[ Kuwabara's face seemed rather serious if not a little ticked since his best buddy hasn't returned in weeks and he needs to actually do some of his work around the house. Not that it was important. He was more concerned with what was going on with his friend since it's Yusuke he must have some good reason for ditching his house for the past few....weeks? He didn't count too well. ]

Oi Urameshi. What's the big idea? Ya haven't been home fer weeks. At least leave a note or somethin.' I see ya everywhere but the house.

[ With that he just cuts the feed since he's still a little ruffled up and annoyed that someone's avoiding the problems instead of seeing them head on. ]

Anyone in the mood for a friendly spar or somethin?' Been rusty an' all. Anyone is fine. I ain't gonna hurt anyone. Jus' sparring.
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[ Hello Vatheon, you get a hand over the device for a little bit before the teen lets it drop to the floor and made his way over to practice his punching and kicking on a nearby punching bag that he specifically crafted himself. It was rather sloppily made but it was worth it since it was good enough for abusing.

Since he was here for a while, he decided it would be best to just practice and keep himself in check. When he got back home, there were still missions and stuff waiting them. Koenma wasn't the nicest boss. Still after a few more swings almost knocking the punching back off the branch and into him, he stops and sits down. There's a little sweat dripping down his face and the night air tingled somewhat. IT gave him strange chills he'd rather not talk about.

Oh and look, Eikichi seems to have brought a small tied box of food towards Kuwabara. Yes, his cat enjoys doing things like this to him. He pats his kitty before be takes the box. Maybe learning how to cook wasn't so bad. He attempted it at home a few days ago. Hopefully it's a lot more edible now. ]

[ ooc: feel free to bug Kuwabara since I haven't posted in ages for him. He's training outside bored and playing with his cat. Anyone is welcome to come by and watch or troll and play with his kitty. Sparring partners go too! ]
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[ The communication device turns on as there is Kuwabara falling off of his bed with a loud thump. Obviously the device turned on when he hit the floor. ]


[ He's wearing a tight leather outfit from his chest down. Part of the zipper is down and there were belt straps covering his body and knee length boots to count. There's guns to boot. Looks like Kuwabara has the gunner class for this curse thing. ]

Hey man who replaced my clothes?! This ain't funny! I looked like I walked through Hiei's closet or somethin!!!' Black ain't my choice of colour man!

[ And he notices that this was recording. ]

Aw Jeez! [ He cuts the feed. ]
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[ The door slams loudly as Kuwabara exits the bedroom, his feed actually running because he got it to function. He looks a little distressed if anything since he can't seem to find his friend. Yuusuke's like a brother to him so it's normal for him to freak out about his BFF going missing. That and he hasn't seen the other two around either but he knows they're energy waves are there. ]

Oi...Urameshi this ain't funny. I might've punched ya a little too hard but hiding your reiki isn't a good way ta get back at me man!

[ He's really freaking out because Yuusuke's energy doesn't just magically disappear off the face of Vatheon like that. Yes at the moment he is a freaking out guy right now. ]


[ abrupt cut on the feed here.... ]

[ ooc; I swear I'll have more legit posts later. Blaming Yuusuke for making Kuwabara freaked out ahhaahah 8DDDDDDDD sorry >.> yeah thank you Yuusuke for making him be this way XD ]
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[ The video accidentally turns on as a voice echoes throughout the video feed. ]


[ The feed cuts abruptly at that line that was echoing still. A few moments later the video was turned on correctly this time. ]


[ This is a little backdated to when Kuwabara got on his blind date. It's set after that. He's not a happy camper and yes this is going to be a great way to start off his life here... REALLY. With that said Kuwabara turns off the device almost a bit failing since it continues to record him running. ]
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"You've reached the voice message of Kuwabara, Kazuma. I ain't here right now, so if ya leave me a message and a number or somethin' I'll get back ta ya after I kick some ass. Peace."

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